The job integration worksite began in March 2006. The cultural and natural assets of the Poul-Fetan site have proved very worthwhile in promoting job insertion thanks to the diversity of tasks and the skills required and acquired.

The nature and heritage worksite aims to help people gain access to work. It is above all a means of putting the workshop employees in a real working situation. This job integration is supervised and assessed by the workshop supervisor and the guidance counsellor. But of course it can only bring positive results if society also works to help the young people.

In Quistinic, the worksite is in one single place: the historic village of Poul-Fetan.  This municipal property managed by the Compagnie des Port du Morbihan offers its full support. The equipment provided, the type of work available, and the integration in the running of a company are all important ways in which Quistinic and Poul-Fetan work on job integration. The people working in the site are all fully involved in the work here.

The work :

 - reminds the people of the basics of employment: keeping to timetables, working in a team, observing the rules and regulations, carrying out the tasks allotted, working independently, etc.

 - gives the people a sense of worth by the work they do and the progress they make

 - helps to assess professional and interpersonal skills

 - provides specific solutions to employment (training, courses, in situ training, assessment interviews, etc.)

 - pinpoints any disincentives to work (health, mobility, childcare, housing, etc.) and helps find solutions

Considerable financial means are devoted to social and professional integration: The European Social Fund (EFS), the French government, the region, department and town offer various funding and services.