Poul-Fetan: a unique village in Brittany !

The restored hamlet of Poul-Fetan (belonging to the village of Quistinic since 1977) is an educational and fun museum of Breton heritage.  Its architecture is typical of the region and it has modern exhibitions and lively activities to show visitors what daily life was like for country folk in the 19th century.



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Poul-Fetan (the washhouse by the fountain in Breton) lies at the top of a steep-sided valley overlooking the Blavet...

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Key figures

  Between 1985 and 2017, 2,005,872 visitors were recorded and 257 employees helped bring the village to life. 48,000 visitors...

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Nature and heritage workshop

The job integration worksite began in March 2006. The cultural and natural assets of the Poul-Fetan site have proved...

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Tours and exhibitions

2 guided tours and 10 exhibitions to see TOURS   See our guided tours (daily) •Fun, original tour: 50 minsWill the lovely Rozenn...