Get your team going green !


This is a great opportunity to get together and share a most enjoyable experience...



Morning :

Defend the colours of your team in a contest of traditional Breton games. And follow the clues of our extremely talkative storyteller: you’ll find out which of Job’s five sons will marry our Marie Jeanne.  Fun and laughs galore!


An interesting lunch at the Ti Fanch :

They’ll take you on a gourmet trip back to 1850: local charcuterie, soup, sandwich, dish of the day and “lichouseries” or sweet snacks.

Menus groupe

Afternoon (2-3 hours)    2 à 3h)

A hostess and activities just for you! A made-to-measure programme to learn Breton dancing, butter beating and enjoy a bit of gossip at the washhouse.


Morning (1.5 hours)

 Choose between :

  • Supervised games contest
  • Commented visit plus two activities

Afternoon (2-3 hours)

2 à 3h)

Unguided tour 

  • Activities : butter making, pancakes, washerwomen, hemp rope, working horses, etc.
  • Exhibitions : inside a Breton house, costumes, mill, storeroom, etc.
  • Land : local breeds and ancient crops

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Public rates 2018

Adults (aged 16 and above): €10.80

Children (aged 5-15): €5.00

Special offer for Works Councils

Adults (aged 16 and above): €8.90

Children (aged 5-15): €4.50


No less than 20 tickets from one or other category, or a mix of the two. Valid two seasons

1/04/2018 to 30/09/2018 and 1/04/2019 to 30/09/2019

Postal fees (by registered letter) are extra.