Looking is fun. Doing is even better !

Feeding the animals, beating the butter, making rope and watching the washerwomen...

  • Around the village

Explore the 9.5 hectares of meadows, heathland, woods, cultivated fields and gardens. A conservatory for ancient varieties and protected breeds of animals: a Breton post horse, Bretonne Pie Noir cows, Coucou de Rennes chickens, the long-haired goats “Chèvre des Fossés”, the black long-haired Breton sheep, and the white Normandy pigs.

  • Feeding the animals

Time to roll up your sleeves and pitch in: your help is needed to prepare the pig feed, bring hay to the sheep and collect the eggs in the hen house.

  • Grinding the gorse

A farmer of modest means is happy with his cow, but his rich neighbour will use a Breton post horse to pull the plough or drive the wooden wheel connected to the grinder.  But watch out! He is quite willing to sit back and let the visitors have a go.

  •  Animal and plant fibres

Sheep wool or hemp tow, the farm provides fibres to make clothes, canvas and ordinary ropes. But it’s no easy task preparation, spinning, weaving and making a rope.