When all your senses are aroused! Taste the pancakes, listen to the noise of the butter churn, and touch the wool waiting to be spun.


  • The washerwomen

The washhouse was once reserved for women only. See the atmosphere of the sheet washing sessions, when they all worked together: laughter and gossip made the work seem less hard.


  • Butter making

From milking the cows to selling the butter on the market, the countrywomen had little time for leisure. Come and help her beat the cream in a churn with a plunger. She’ll give you some bread with the delicious fresh butter and some milk still warm from the churn.


  • See what they used to eat

Just follow the delicious smell and you’ll find Louise busy cooking over the fire. As you eat a buckwheat pancake, she’ll tell you about her life, her furniture and her food.